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Assamese newspaper is a daily or weekly publication of news and articles. It also consists of opinions, local news of public interest, and advertisements. A newspaper is a disposable publication. Usually published on low-cost paper known as newsprint.

Assamese newspapers give a lot of information at a low price and in a small space. They have certain advantages over the other mediums of communication such as television, radio, and magazines. Newspapers cover more news in greater detail in comparison to television and radio. The Arunuday was the first newspaper in Assam.

Daily Assamese Newspaper

Daily newspapers are published on a daily basis. They consist of world news, national news, and local news along with information on various fields. They also carry editorials, columns, feature articles, and news on entertainment and sports. The production of a daily newspaper 1s not an easy task. It requires great speed and efficiency. Reporters, photographers, and other staff members work under a lot of pressure to produce a daily newspaper. Here are some Assamese Newspapers-

Asomiya Pratidin:

Asomiya Pratidin has two versions of news publishing and both are great. The newspaper version is more popular than the website version. It is one of the most popular newspaper in Assam. The paper version of Asomiya Pratidin is now available as an e-paper.

Asomiya Khabar:

This Assamese newspaper is publishing from two cities on a daily basis. Asomiya Khabar is one of the leading Assamese paper for news. Their main publishing place in Guwahati similarly in Jorhat. So this newspaper has fast distribution in Assam

Dainik Janambhumi:

It is one of the best Assamese newspaper for north-east India. They cover almost every news related to Assam and northeast. Dainik Janambhumi is a reputed newspaper in Assam. Dainik Janambhumi has an e-paper version and also a website.

Pratidin Time:

This is a web-based news platform in Assam. The Assamese news of this website is published in English. They are also broadcasting news on television. The TV version is very popular in rural areas in Assam.

Niyomiya Barta:

This Assamese Newspaper has good readers in Assam. They are focused on regional news and current affairs.

Amar Asom:

This is one of the oldest Assamese newspaper and it has the highest reputation in Assam. They have published very very reliable Assamese news. On the other hand, Amar Asom has an e-paper version for news.

Gana Adhikar:

This is a daily Assamese Newspaper. The news of this newspaper is well crafted and also reliable. They have a news website in the Assamese language. Above all, it keeps you updated.

Weekly Assamese Newspaper

Weekly Assamese newspapers are published once or twice a week. They are smaller than daily newspapers and are more popular in small communities or territories. Like daily newspapers, they also cover news, entertainment, and sports. They cover more of the news of the publication area. Weekly newspapers are generally scheduled in the middle of the week. Some weekly newspapers mainly cover news on business and sports.

Size of newspapers

The Assamese newspapers are published in two major sizes—standard and tabloid. Standard-sized newspapers, or broadsheets, are large in size and usually have eight columns. They publish reports of news-worthy events. Tabloids newspapers are in small format and usually contain lots of photographs. They are generally half the size of a broadsheet. Both the standard size and tabloid are used to publish all kinds of newspapers.

Newspaper circulation

Assamese Newspaper circulated in Assam. The circulation of a newspaper enhances its appeal and usually tends to make them more popular. Circulation depends largely on overall content, style of writing, and ideological inclination. Factors like packaging, nature of coverage, etc., also determine the circulation of a newspaper.

Sections of newspaper

Newspapers are divided into different sections according to the structure of the news. The sections consist of news about specific topics making it easier for the readers to skip to these sections. The international section of a newspaper contains news about the events and happenings in different continents, such as Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Australia, while the capital city section covers events that are going on in the nation’s capital. The business section contains business news including media and advertising, world business, the economy of the country, stock markets, mutual funds, and company research. The technology section contains news about the technological world, including the invention of new technologies, gadgets, and equipment.

And more about newspapers

People can also get information about the weather and forecasts in newspapers. The health section in a newspaper usually has information about hotness, nutrition, mental and physical health. It also includes information about the discovery of new medicines and measures to ensure good health. The sports section is also an important section of a newspaper. It has news about the sports world. The education section of a newspaper provides important information for students. It covers educational news, career options, and changes in the education scenario.

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Parts of a newspaper

Head: News has a title or headline. A good headline will grab the attention of the reader and make him eager to read more. It also tells the reader what the article is about. Dateline: Information at the start of the story giving the location and date of the story.
Ears: The corner areas at the top of the front page on either side.
Graphics: A combination of artwork and words, which helps to visually explain a story.

Want reliable news. therefore, you have to go to the newspapers. As a result, you will get the latest news. So you should take your decision wisely. In other words, the magazine and newspaper is the most reliable source of information.

There are a few English newspapers, Bangla Newspapers, and Hindi Newspapers in Assam. In other words, The Kareng is trying to cover all those news. Personally, I watch Television. However, I do like newspapers. For example, if you want enjoyment with anchor the go for Television. On the other hand, you may read newspapers.

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