Privacy Policy

What is our web address and who we are

We are professionals and our website link is:

Why we collect personal data and what we collect

Comments on our post

When someone leaves on our website or post we collect the data to show. We also collect user IP and browser user agent string to build strong spam detection ecosystem.

Media upload to the website

If you share images and other media to the website, you should confirm and avoid embedded GPS data. Any visitor or user can download and reuse your images and also GPS data.

Contact forms

You should share the correct information in our contact form. The shared data will be shown on the website but not your contact information. If you allow us to publish your contact information on our site than we do.


When you leave a comment or post on our website you may opt-in to saving the name, your email address and site in cookies. These are for your convenience so that you never have to fill in those data again when you wish to leave another comment on our website. These cookies will be stored for one year.

We will set a temporary cookie when you log into the site. This cookie contains no personal any data and is discarded when you close or log out.

We will also set up several cookies to save login credentials when you log in to our website. Login cookies store for 2 days the screen options cookies last for one year. If you choose the “Remember Me” option then cookies and login credentials will be stored for 2 weeks. The cookies will be removed when you logout from the site.

Embedded content from other websites

The embedded content behaves in the same way as another website. These embedded content may collect your cookies and interaction.


We use different analytics tools to determine traffic sources and their behavior. We also use advertising tool for different analytics.

Who we share your data with

We do not share a visitor’s confidential and personal data with anyone. If any government policy or person ask for the with written then we share it.

How long we retain your data

Your comment and metadata are exits indefinitely. We store registered user personal data and all registered user can edit, delete data anytime from our database. But user name can not be changed or edit.

What rights you have over your data

Registered user or visitors who left comments on this site can ask for data file about themselves. Visitors can request to delete the data that hold about them.

Where we send your data

Visitors comments maybe check with a spam detection system.

Your contact information

Your contact information is safe with us. We never disclose it without your written permission.

This Privacy Policy link has never been changing.

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